A Full Service Pre Production, Production and Post Production Company

What does that mean? It means we do a lot. In fact Arizona Studios strives to be a resource to our clients to keep all their needs for their next Film, Commercial, Corporate or Independent Creative Video project ALL under one roof.

Studio Rental


Are you looking for a space to accommodate your next Photography Session, Music Video, Training Video, Product Demonstration or Marketing Video?


  • Over 4,000 sqft
  • White Built In Cycloramic Screen (18ft tall x 22ft deep x 33ft wide)
  • Green Built In Cycloramic Screen (18ft tall x 25ft deep x 35ft wide)
  • Built In A/C and Electricity Included
  • Available Lighting Included (call for details)
  • Assisted Set Up and Take Down
  • Make Up Room Included
  • Conference Room/Green Room Included
  •  Rolling Garage Entry
  • Free Wi-Fi


Production Coordination + Planning



A lot goes into making a video, maybe even more than you realized, but Arizona Studios is here to help.


  • Location Scouting
  • Catering
  • Casting: On Screen Talent and/or Voice Over Talent
  • Make Up
  • Wardrobe
  • Set Design/Set Dressing
  • Budgetting
  • Scheduling
  • Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Planning

Concepting + Script Writing



You have an idea for your next video project for your business or independent creative en devour, but you’re not sure how to put it into words. Let us fill in the gaps on your creative team.


  • Market Research
  • Character Design
  • Developing a Story or Video Concept
  • Creating a Script
  • Editing/Assisting with Your Script




It can be hard to get on the same page when expressing ideas verbally. That’s what story-boarding was made for.


  • Hand Drawn Storyboards
  • Digital Storyboards
  • Live Action Photo Storyboards
  • Shot Lists
  • Animatics

Production Crew



Whether you’re a local business or collaborating with us from out of state the Arizona Studios crew makes it easy and affordable to do production.


  • Line Producers
  • Director
  • Assistant Director (AD)
  • Production Managers (PM) + Production Coordinators
  • Script Supervisor
  • Casting Director
  • Director of Photography (DP)
  • Camera Operator/Videographer/Cinematographer
  • Camera Assistant
  • Drone Operator
  • Gaffers/Grips (G+E)
  • Audio Engineer/Audio Technician
  • Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)
  • Ect.

Video Editing





If you’ve filmed the footage on your own, selected a bunch of stock footage to use or had us do all the filming for you we’d like to help you edit your video. Our qualified and educated team of editors can turn around a quick edit for any project.

Color Grading





Color Grading is a crucial element of post production that helps your video stand out from your competitor. If you’ve created an independent feature or short film, or you’re looking to create a marketing video that has a sleek and professional look unlike other businesses color grading will amplify the stylized look to your project that makes it unique and helps your audience fall into the video as if you’re creating a whole new world so real you can reach out and touch it.

Sound Design





Arizona Studios is home to some creative and talented audio engineers who are happy to fill in the gap on your independent short or feature film or help create a new depth with sound in your next marketing video or commercial. Sound is an essential element in bringing your video to life for your audience.

2D + 3D Animation





We love animation! At Arizona Studios we offer both 2D animation through After Effect and 3D animation accomplished through Maya. This means that if you’re looking to demonstrate a production that doesn’t exist yet or share an idea that’s a little difficult to illustrate in real life we can help you! Animation could be the style of video that you need to get more attention moving on your social media or website.

Motion Graphics





Motion graphics is a title that covers a lot of basic animations. Maybe it’s a logo animation to promote your brand or an informative kinetic text video to educate your viewer on something important. No matter what type of motion graphic you need simple or complex we’re ready to help.

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