Nero Manalo | Digital Media Artist

Nero’s infatuation for cinema became apparent since his early childhood reenactments of iconic movies growing up in Georgia and has since stemmed into his adolescence in Indiana, acting in musicals and filming friends. Now an Indiana University alumni, obtaining a BA in Telecommunications Design and Production and a minor in Communications and Culture, Nero made his way west and started his career at Arizona Studios.

Familiar and adept, from small scale independent films to full corporate productions, Nero lends experience and creative prowess to preproduction storyboarding, concept designs, cinematography and editing. Always fascinated with the cinema world, Nero is also knowledgably of various equipment and rigs for multiple techniques, and practices and thus maintains and organizes the studio’s gear. Influenced by genre defining directors and personality such as Ridley Scott, John Carpenter, Neill Blomkamp, Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, Nero continues to strive to add a personal touch to films, like those before him. In addition to his love for science fiction, war, biographical and quirky films, Nero expresses himself artistically from time to time through illustrations, and devotes cooking to his vegetarian beloved.